Revolutionising the Food Industry: Taster’s Journey to Culinary Innovation

Taster’s journey began six years ago. While spearheading Deliveroo’s expansion in France, Anton noticed how restaurants weren’t reimagining and designing their menus for the delivery experience and spotted the opportunity to reinvent the experience of delivery food. Fed up with the outdated food delivery services and lack of culinary innovation in the industry, they wanted to launch a fresh new approach to change it from mere convenience to a delicious experience. Now we are ready to share Taster’s revolutionary technology with the rest of the food industry and change the future of food delivery.

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Evolving the Food Delivery Experience

The food industry is a dynamic landscape. Constantly changing and adapting, thanks to technological advances, which have played a vital role in enhancing the dining experience for consumers and optimising the working environment and processes for staff. Despite the progress that has been made, here at Taster, we believe there is still a lot of work to be done at each stage of the delivery process to achieve Anton and Dayvid’s vision. 

The existing technology and software solutions were extremely limited and expensive. We realised it needed more flexibility in order to achieve the high standards we were aiming for.

Taster – The Culinary Innovation Solution

We were so committed to revolutionising how people get food deliveries that we developed our own proprietary tech software. This software is now used by 300 restaurants worldwide and is crucial to their business’ success. This tool has allowed brands to reshape how they operate while meeting the needs of an increasingly tech-savvy clientele. After recognising the need for culinary innovation in the sector, significant resources were put into building Taster’s own tech software, ensuring that the needs and requirements of the franchises would be met. Our attention to detail and fine-tuned offerings set us apart, giving us a competitive edge.

Taster franchise partner using our culinary innovation technology on a tablet

Empowering Restaurants with Culinary Innovation

Taster’s software allows franchises to optimise their efficiency, streamline restaurant operations, and improve customer experience. It does this by: 

  • Seamless Order Management: Pulling orders from various delivery platforms and displaying them on one screen so that food can be prepared more efficiently and reduce wait times. 
  • Personalised Customer Insights: Providing data about customer preferences so restaurants can tailor their offerings and marketing campaigns accordingly. 
  • Supply & Inventory Management: Optimised inventory control to minimise waste and cost whilst preventing stock shortages.
  • Enhanced Delivery Experience: An intuitive dispatch screen to ensure customers receive their orders quickly and efficiently
  • Feedback & Review Integration: Collecting customer reviews allows the brands to gauge their performance and improve based on feedback.

With our software, the Taster team can onboard restaurants quickly and efficiently. Any task that can be automated allows our employees the time to add maximum value to the company. Our software has been proven effective and manageable for over 300 restaurants, and we’re hungry for more. We now offer a solution for restaurants wanting to enhance operational efficiency and improve customer connections. 

With our software now accessible to more than 300 franchises, Taster has a significant market share, showcasing the power of our cutting-edge solutions. 

Taster business partners benefit from having a software platform designed and built specifically with restaurant operators in mind. The collaboration between our tech team and restaurant operators allowed us to test and develop a solution that meets their needs and overcomes the issues they faced. 

Taster has transformed the food industry by empowering restaurants to embrace the digital age. From connecting them with clients via user-friendly apps to streamlining delivery services. Our software has also provided restaurants with customer insights, giving them the opportunity to adapt their menus, promotions or marketing strategies to improve the customer experience. Our software has sparked interest across the industry, which will encourage a movement of combining the power of technology to continue our culinary innovation journey.

Taster kitchen partner cooking burgers on stove top

Taster – From Startup to Pioneers

Our journey from a food startup company to a pioneer in the food-tech industry is a testament to the power of technology and how the food industry is moving forward. Taster has impacted how restaurants will operate from now on, with a continuously growing network of partner restaurants and an excellent reputation, and we’re not done yet. We are excited to see how we can develop our technology even further to continue shaping the food industry.   

Culinary innovation is very important to us here at Taster, and we’re excited to see what the future holds. Whether you’re an engineer, product expert, restaurant owner, or just love food, Taster is changing how we consume food. We want you to be part of that journey with us.

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