Join the Gen Z Food Revolution with our Ugly Chicken Franchise

We are proud to present Ugly Chicken – our freshest fried chicken franchise opportunity, brought to you by ArrDee. This is our latest collaboration, as we join forces with some of the biggest names in Gen Z culture.

ArrDee: A Perfect Match for Gen Z Foodies

ArrDee, a rising star in the UK rap scene, has grown a mass online following, consistently selling out large venues nationwide. ArrDee’s Gen Z fan’s love for delivery food made him the perfect match for our latest collaboration.

Ugly Chicken was first launched in London, Brighton and Birmingham in September; since its launch, it has been doing exceptionally well, with delivery platform ratings averaging 4.7, alongside impressive sales figures, and a rapid expansion to more than 25 locations.

Taster’s Unique Approach to Franchise Partnerships

With most franchise businesses, delivery is just a tiny part of what they do, but with Taster, we do things differently. We provide the iconic food brands with marketing support, delivery platform management and proprietary tech, while partners provide the physical kitchen space, staff, and equipment. Our business model allows partners to thrive in the modern delivery era. Providing a tech suite enables partners to streamline kitchen operations with demand forecasting algorithms and supply chain control tools that eliminate waste and grow partner profit margins. We maintain strong connections with our partners with regular kitchen visits and virtual check-ins; we are always trying to tailor solutions for the operational, platform and marketing needs of every partner. 

Becoming an Ugly Chicken Franchise Partner

Ugly Chicken is looking for entrepreneurial food enthusiasts with a vision for the future of delivery. Franchise partners must have a 4-star FSA rating and an existing kitchen space. Most importantly, Ugly Chicken franchise partners must share ArrDee and Taster’s commitment to high standards of food preparation and service, a dedication that has earned the brand consistently strong ratings and reviews in all its current locations. Ugly Chicken meals should always look as good as they taste.

Unmatched Support and Training

The support and training we at Taster offer are second to none. Partners receive comprehensive operational assistance, including a detailed training plan and ongoing kitchen guidance from our expert operations team. The result? Partners often generate up to £2k in the very first week of launching. Online modules are frequently updated to keep franchise partners up to speed, especially when new menu items are introduced. Online modules are frequently updated to keep franchise partners up to speed, especially when new menu items are introduced. 

Ugly Chicken franchise partners will also receive additional support from dedicated area managers at no extra cost. This manager is the daily point of contact for all things Ugly Chicken-related, from platform management, PR and marketing support to a negotiated supply chain that maximises profits and ensures quick introductions of popular seasonal specials and collaborations.

Join the Ugly Chicken Franchise Family 

In the UK, more than 50% of young people order delivery food more than once a week. This trend, combined with our presence in four European markets and 120 franchise partners in 80 European cities, has made us the third-largest restaurant group for delivery in France. We are expanding our reach, working with franchise partners across the UK in Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Reading, Portsmouth, Nottingham, and Derby, and rapidly expanding to more locations. 

Ugly Chicken aims to become the top fried chicken franchise on delivery platforms across the UK. They plan to expand across all major towns and cities with robust delivery markets. So, whether you’re operating in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Newcastle, Southampton or elsewhere, Ugly Chicken would like to hear from you.

Ugly Chicken franchise partners initially commit to a two-year term. However, the brand seeks to build lasting partnerships by renewing agreements and supporting partners in expanding to new locations. It’s all about maintaining the high standards expected of the Taster and ArrDee brands, including swift and consistent meal preparation, top-notch hygiene, and, of course, unwavering customer satisfaction.

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