Order, scan, eat, repeat!

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Join the tastiest club around...

We think that anyone should be able to enjoy Taster whenever they want and as much as they want.

So we’ve created a loyalty app that lets you earn points and save money on your future orders.

It works for all of our iconic brands. Earn points by eating Korean fried chicken at Out Fry and use them to order Vietnamese street food from Mission Saigon; dirty vegan burgers by A Burgers; American fried chicken at Pepe Chicken; and smashed burgers from Saucy Buns.

Or just order from Out Fry again, because why not?

Earn points and prizes...

It’s easy to get started too. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, just click on the relevant link below.

Then simply order, scan the QR code on your receipt, eat & repeat!

Top tip: complete our challenges to earn even more points.