Our story

Where we started...

After three years at a food startup, Anton Soulier’s faith in food was being challenged. Restaurants weren’t attempting to innovate and customers were waiting too long for their food.

Anton spotted a new opportunity - creating food brands entirely dedicated to delivery that centre around the customer, focusing on experience, quality, variety and speed of service.

Taster was born in a tiny kitchen in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, where we created and delivered the first Mission Saigon Vietnamese Bo Bun in 2017.

200+ digital restaurants

We have digital restaurants across 50 major European cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, Brussels, Lille, Rouen, Manchester and Strasbourg.

And trust us, this is just the beginning.

What we’ve delivered

1.5m meals

How our customers rate us

4.6* star rating

How often they come back

60% repeat orders