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Pepe Chicken

was co-created with French YouTuber Charles Gilles-Compagnon – the brains behind popular YouTube cooking channel, FastGoodCuisine. The brand name is an ode to Charles’ pépé, who made him fall in love with cooking, and the menu is inspired by the most delicious American Fried Chicken.

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Pepe Chicken’s menu is centred around substantial portions, all developed from premium quality ingredients. It brings flavours and spices for it’s XL sized wings and chicken tenders, as well as inventions such as The Pepe Burger (buttermilk chicken burger with a secret sauce) and The Hot One (with a fiery marinade).

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crispy and tender burger inspired by American fried chicken

Pepe Burger


Tasty crispy chicken tenders by Pepe Chicken, a Taster brand
OG Pepe Tenders


Tater tots with spices inspired by american fried chicken
Tater Tots


The Flaming Full House from the Pepe Chicken Menu by Taster
Big Box Spicy


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